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Of all the variables in Cycling, nutrition is the one where meaningful changes in performance can be achieved by simple and cost effective interventions. That is if you are confident in navigating the maze of misinformation, product claims and athlete endorsements that our online-all-the-time lifestyle facilitates. In fact there is perhaps no greater mythology in exercise science than that which surrounds the subject of sports nutrition with debate over what constitutes the ‘ideal’ diet continuing throughout the history of organised sport.

Since early antiquity diet was known to exert an effect upon health and wellbeing. Then through the centuries as the principles of the scientific method became more widely accepted, it became clear that nutrition may also play a role in improving physical performance. And so the multi-billion dollar sports nutrition market was born.

Today the worldwide sale of nutrition products designed to improve performance or enhance recovery is estimated at $US50 billion. This figure does not include the normal dietary staples of fruit, vegetables and various sources of protein that fitness enthusiasts must consume to stay alive. If we now consider the myriad fad diets and celebrity cooking shows that have gained attention over the last 2 decades it becomes clear just how vast the nutrition landscape really is. And how confusing this small subset of sports nutrition can be.

At VirtuGO our guiding principle is to assist all members achieve their cycling goals by sharing our combined experience from the top end of sport. Nowhere does this knowledge become more accessible to the widest audience than on the topic of nutrition. From knowing what type of sports supplement to take (and when) to designing a menu that is geared towards weight loss. The types of questions we have addressed over many years are most likely the same topics that interest you. So we are going to open up our sports nutrition knowledge bank which includes experience across Professional Cycling and Olympic sports including Rowing, Swimming, Athletics and Triathlon.

But where to start?

We are beginning with some background knowledge on food selection.

If your goals are weight loss, improved energy at work or enhanced recovery from interval training the information that follows will put you on the pathway to success.

These same principles are followed by chefs and support staff in professional cycling teams but are also practiced by these athletes at home. Since the bulk of what follows is food focused this information is accessible to everyone that has an interest in feeling and performing better.

Step 1: Read the article: Food, Health and Wellbeing.

Step 2: Use the tables in: VirtuGO Healthy Food Planner (The PDF Download is linked to Step 1).

Step 3: Train with: VirtuGO Energy Management System (The PDF Download is linked to Step 1).

Finally, we understand that everyone is different, particularly when it comes to food so as you will discover there is a lot of room in this system for personal taste. The main point however is that by following steps 1-3 above you will be on the same pathway to success as all the athletes we have encountered over the years. Going forward we will build on these foundation principles with the release of regular content.

This is just the beginning!

Daniel M. Healey B.HSc M.Sc (Ex Phys) R.Nutr

Head Sport Scientist VirtuGO

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Nutrition Steps 1, 2 & 3