Hello and welcome to the VirtuGO members Sports Science section.

In this space we will review the latest research in exercise physiology, biomechanics and health science with a focus on how this information applies to performance. Our aim is to create a place where complicated scientific jargon is broken down into plain English so you can then pick and choose the information that supports your goals. All content will be updated on a regular basis by our in house sports science team and a host of eminent contributors from various research centres across Europe and the rest of the world.

For now I have got the ball rolling with the articles you see here. It is my hope that this will generate a lot of discussion within the VirtuGO member community. Going forward we are planning various ways to connect you with this information so you can get the most out of training within our platform: podcasts, video and live stream Q&A are just some of the media initiatives we have planned around this material.

So for now feel free to explore some or all of these topics and I look forward to the discussions and many interactions with you as we explore these and many more hot topics in sports science.


Daniel M. Healey B.HSc M.Sc (Ex Phys) R.Nutr

Head Sport Scientist VirtuGO