This page serves as a go-to location to find solutions to some of the problems you may be having with the VirtuGO beta. We will populate this page with more content in the coming week.


If you are unable to find the answers to your questions you can also search the Beta testing community via the search functionality or our Facebook community.

Some VirtuGO users within our communities may have had the same issue you are experiencing.


Where do I find the download links, do I get them in a mail?

You can find our download links for Mac and PC in our Beta testing community.



How long does it take to download?

The first installation of VirtuGO can take up to 45 minutes depending on your Mac or PC specifications and internet connection speed. Please ensure you have at least 5 gigabytes of clear space on your hard drive.



Will I need to download a new version every time an update to VirtuGo becomes available?

Each time you start VirtuGO an automatic update check will run in the background to check to what version you have. Should a new version be available you will be automatically updated.



Why can’t I log in?

If you are using VirtuGO for the first time you are required to create an account within the VirtuGO app. IMPORTANT: you cannot use your community username and password.

In the VirtuGO app click the “Create account” button located at the bottom of the login screen. You will be taken to another page and you will be asked to enter your details. You will be required to check the “terms and condition” and “personal data policy” check boxes (under the date of birth field) to create your account.



Why am I locked out of my account?

If you mistype your password within the VirtuGO app three (3) times, your account will be locked for 30 min. This is done for security reasons.



What kind of trainers can I use with VirtuGO?

VirtuGO currently requires a home trainer that supports the ANT+ and or ANT+ FE-C communication protocol.
Support for Bluetooth is currently under development.



What’s my position on the waiting list?

We currently do not have a feature that can tell you your exact place on our waiting list, we will invite users as fast as we can, keeping platform performance in mind.



Where do you want my feedback?

We prefer that feedback is posted in Beta testing community, simply because if other users are experiencing the same issues as you, they might find their answers in our reply. (Please also search the community to see if your issue has been reported before)



Why don’t you collect feedback in a more structured way?

We feel that getting your first impressions and honest feedback in the community is the best way for us to check every corner for bugs, we currently don’t want to guide you with a questionnaire on a specific topic. (We might do this later)



Strava export is not complete, are you working on it?

Yes, Strava export is high on our to-do list. You will find Strava improvements in the next updates.



How do I uninstall VirtuGO completely from my computer?

Navigate to “Program Files” on your hard drive. Select the “VirtuGO” folder. Double click on the file named “unis000”. This will completely remove VirtuGO.



Can I use my “classic” trainer with VirtuGO?

This functionality will be available very soon. You will require a power meter and cadence sensor.



Does VirtuGO intend to create a Virtual Power?

No, creating a virtual power is not currently on our development roadmap



Where do I find the log files?

You can find the log files here:
Windows: %appdata%..\LocalLow\VirtuGO Aps\VirtuGO Launcher
Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/ navigate to com.VirtuGOApS.VirtuGOLauncher