What do I need to use VirtuGO?

You can use VirtuGO with two setups: Classic Trainer + Power Meter + Cadence Sensor, and Smart Trainer.

What are ANT+ and Bluetooth?

ANT+ and Bluetooth are the wireless languages VirtuGO uses to send and receive data between devices. Many devices are compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Note: Bluetooth is currently in Beta and supports trainers from Wahoo, Tacx and Elite as well as most HR and cadence sensors. At this time we do not support the Wahoo Tickr-X.

Where do I start with workouts and training?

Start with an FTP Test. This test is designed to assess and establish a fitness benchmark. VirtuGO then uses the results of your FTP test to adjust every workout to your personal fitness level.

How many riders can ride at the same time?

The rider limit is unlimited in total but is set to 50 riders per ‘room’. Once this limit goes over 50, another ‘room’ is created.

What is a training program?

Training programs define how long, hard and often you need to ride your bike to progress your fitness to reach your goals.

How much does VirtuGO cost?

€5.95/ month for a basic subscription where you have the flexibility to suspend your subscription at any time and for any part of the year.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the email that was sent after you subscribed there is a cancel button.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is 10 days.

What happens after the trial period?

You will still be registered but will be unable to do anything within the platform or website.