Getting started on VirtuGO

VirtuGO brings the most enjoyable elements of cycling and training closer than ever before. Founded by a team with heaps of experience at the highest levels of professional cycling and sports science, you can have confidence you are working with the very best. VirtuGO is the place to be for improving health, fitness and performance, no matter how experienced you are. The VirtuGO platform is designed to combine indoor training with a demanding, entertaining and rewarding experience for all who join our community. Indoor training allows you to focus on specific elements of your workout in the comfort and safety of your home, no matter the conditions outside. It’s an incredibly efficient way to pursue your goals, with no time wasted getting to the ideal terrain or away from car-clogged roads. If you’re new to the world of indoor training, you may feel a little bit dazzled by it all. There’s a whole new set of jargon to understand, equipment to use and, best of all, experiences to be had. We’ve put together this explainer to welcome you into our world. Once you’re here, you will love it.  Setting upGetting started on VirtuGO is really simple and with a few tips you can be up and riding with us in no time. There’s a few key items you’re going to need: a bike, an indoor trainer, a computer/tablet, somewhere to set it all up and an internet connection. Oh, and the drive to improve your fitness and performance. For the best experience we’d recommend you use a road bike, mounted on a good quality home trainer. There are a lot of different types of trainers on the market, and we’ve compiled a list that are compatible with VirtuGO. Keep in mind that you’re likely to produce a fair amount of noise and sweat when training. Ideally you’ll have a room with space to set everything up where you won’t disturb anyone else, a mat to keep sweat off the floor and a fan to keep you cool. A shelf or table in front of your bike will allow you to interact with VirtuGO via your computer or tablet from the saddle. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle to hand – most workouts are between 45 and 90 minutes and you’ll want to keep hydrated. VirtuGO is compatible with Windows and Mac, but be sure you have the correct hardware. As you ride your bike on the trainer, your heart rate, power and cadence is transmitted to VirtuGO using the ANT+ system (or ANT+ FE-C in some cases) – we will be adding Bluetooth functionality in the future. In this way, your performance and any improvements are recorded and tracked as you go through your training journey with VirtuGO. The final piece of the jigsaw is a secure home internet connection. All of your personal data is safe and secure with us – if you want to learn more about how, click here. Once you’re hooked up to VirtuGO, it’s time to get started.  Using VirtuGOVirtuGO is really simple and intuitive to use. There are three virtual worlds, where you ride the roads either solo or in a group. When riding in a group, it feels like you’re out with friends, with all the motivation to beat them to the top of the hill and camaraderie that goes along with it. The real beauty of VirtuGO lies in the connection between these training environments and your training plan. Using a number of parameters VirtuGO assesses your fitness level. Then, based on your goals, whether that is to simply feel fitter on your weekend ride or be first across the line in your first crit race next seasons, our programmes give you the most effective and efficient training possible. With more than 100 structured training sessions, as well as a large number of customised training programmes, all automatically adjusted to your personal fitness level, with VirtuGO you’ll push yourself more than you thought possible. Train smarter, not harder. It doesn’t matter whether it’s dark outside, if there’s a foot of snow, or if you’ve only got an hour, VirtuGO is the most effective and focussed way to train.  Join the VirtuGO GruppettoWith VirtuGO you gain access to a worldwide community of like-minded riders, all of them working hard to reach their potential. The VirtuGO Gruppetto is where we meet, a space to reach out for advice, tips and motivation. You can arrange to meet up online for group rides, discuss training methods and share knowledge with friends across the globe. Come and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to our podcast. We can’t wait to meet you and turn indoor training into the best experience you’ve ever had on a bicycle.  Ready to go? Download and join the ride today

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