The Inside podcast from VirtuGO about training and performance of the professional cycling and sports world.

Damian Ruse and Daniel Healey go deep inside the stories of cycling training and performance.

The podcast explores issues like resilience, heat training and letting go of your athletic identity.

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Daniel: And you’re sitting at the dinner table with, let’s see, a world champion…training.
Damian: Professional cycling has secrets. And to be clear I’m not talking about the Omertá. The conspiracy of silence attached to the dark side of cycling. Nope, I’m talking about the many thousands of people directly involved on the “inside”
Daniel: The chef, the massage therapist…

Damian: What do these people know about training and performance?

Daniel: Everyone is actually really interested…

Damian: The information about the sport that is both shared and hidden. This, to me, is the most interesting place to find ideas for your cycling. And we’re opening up the professional cycling and sports world and asking the question “What can we learn from the professional cycling and sports world?”

My name’s Damian Ruse and I’m here to give you a seat at the table with cycling professionals, from riders such as Mick Rogers

Mick: [Clip]

Damian: to leading researchers

Brian: [Clip]

Damian: So whether you’re an avid fan who never misses a pro race or your training regularly we’ll take you – inside cycling.