While you are training within VirtuGO there are a number of metrics that will help you get the most from each workout. These include watts, cadence and heart rate.

Heart rate

VirtuGO displays your heart rate during each training session. Heart rate is a good metric to keep an eye on because as your fitness improves you will achieve a lower heart rate for the same unit of work. For experienced athletes heart rate can also be used to monitor fatigue or the early onset of illness.


Cadence is the speed or rate at which you turn the pedals. Most people have a natural cadence around 80-90 revolutions per minute (rpm). All training sessions within VirtuGO contain guidelines for rpm. The reason for this is that pushing 250 watts at 70rpm vs 100rpm yields very different results.  Low rpm develops strength while higher rpm results in a broader fitness benefit.

Watts and watts/kg

Work performed on a bike is measured in watts. Watts are the amount of energy you are able to deliver to the pedals and is measured by power meters or smart trainers. Another way to express watts is to divide any given watt value by your body weight to arrive at watts/kg.

Watts/kg is a useful metric for comparing riders.


Speed is quite simply how fast you are riding. Within VirtuGO we use a metric system default so speed is displayed in km/h.

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