For each completed training session or free ride VirtuGO calculates a number of metrics. These metrics are important as they are used to measure the effect each ride had on your body and how this will affect your future fitness.


Energy is displayed within VirtuGO as Calories (Kcal). Kcal is the amount of energy your body consumed during exercise and is calculated based on body weight and the intensity of your exercise.


Impact is a number that we use to quantify how strenuous a training session was. An Impact score of 100 for a beginner is just as hard as 100 for a professional cyclist because Impact is relative to each person's FTP. Riding as hard as you possibly can for 1 hour will generate a maximum Impact score of 100. Riding at 50% of your maximum capacity for 1 hour will generate an Impact score of 50.


Difficulty shows how hard your training session was compared to your maximum effort.

If your training session had you working at an average of 200 watts and your FTP was 250 watts, then the Difficulty score will be 80% (200/250*100). Difficulty is a very good metric to keep an eye on when you are doing very specific training such as Time Trial, Team Time Trial and Criterium training sessions.


Strain tries to iron out a varied training session and calculate a score that takes these variations into account. All FTP points aren’t created equal - for instance, it is a lot harder on the body to work closer to your FTP for a short period of time, than it is to work longer at a lower intensity. Strain takes this into consideration and presents a number that more closely represents the load that training has placed on your body.

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