To get the best out of your training, you should - as a minimum - know your FTP and bodyweight. This will ensure that you train at the correct intensity. It also pays to keep an eye on your fitness and fatigue.


Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximum effort that a person can maintain for 60 minutes. This means that if you have an FTP of 200w, this is the maximum amount of watts that you will be able to sustain for an hour. Your FTP can be measured by doing a 60-minute all-out effort on the bike, but it’s more common that FTP is calculated based on shorter and more manageable efforts of 8 or 20 minutes. To calculate your FTP simply select the 8min or 20 min FTP test within the VirtuGO Training Session library. Our system will automatically calculate your FTP upon completion of either test.

FTP is the basis for all training within VirtuGO. Training zones and all interval targets are expressed in terms of %FTP.


Form is your best indicator of race-day performance. To perform your best you need to have the highest fitness possible but at the same time not be fatigued. Form is Fitness - Fatigue meaning that a positive Form indicates that you would have a good chance of performing well on that day. Whereas a negative Form means that you are carrying some fatigue.


Fatigue is the accumulated stress that training produces on your body. If your fatigue level is too high, we recommend that you scale down your training or take a day off.


Fitness is the accumulated result of training. As you train each day your fitness level should rise. The higher your fitness level, the better shape you are in.

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