In addition to the metrics shown after all completed training sessions, VirtuGO also calculates the effects these have on your overall fitness and fatigue levels. These are advanced metrics that can help you plan your training and avoid overtraining.


Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximum effort that a person can maintain for 60 minutes.

This means that if you have an FTP of - say - 200, then this is the maximum amount of watts that you will be able to sustain for an hour.

Your FTP can be measured by doing a 60-minute all-out effort on the bike, but it’s more common that FTP is calculated based on FTP tests of 20-minutes or even 8 minutes.

To calculate your FTP with a 20-minute test, simply go all out (after a proper warm-up) for 20 minutes and measure the average power pushed in the 20 minutes. Take 95% of this number and you have a good estimation of your FTP.

All training within VirtuGO relies on knowing your FTP, so it is good to do regular FTP tests throughout your season (every 4-6 weeks is recommended). VirtuGO has free FTP tests that also ensure that you do a proper warm-up before your test.     


Form is your best indicator of race-day performance. To perform your best, you need to have the highest fitness possible but at the same time not be fatigued. Form is Fitness - Fatigue meaning that a positive Form indicates that you would have a good chance of performing well whereas a negative Form means that you would have less chance of performing well.


Fatigue is the accumulated stress your training does to your body. If your fatigue level is too high, we recommend that you scale down your training or take a day off.


Fitness is the accumulated result of your training. As you train every day, your fitness curve will improve. The higher the fitness, the better shape you are in. Every training session where the Training Score is higher than your current fitness will add to your fitness, whereas a missed session or a session with a Training Score below your fitness will decrease from your fitness.

Generally speaking, a high fitness is the aim of training.


In addition to these metrics, VirtuGO also calculates how the result of your individual sessions plays a part in your overall fitness level.

Read more about these metrics here.