Whether you are a weekend warrior or a World Tour veteran, you both have one thing in common. You know how tough it is to ride indoors. Tough…and boring. It takes absurd levels of commitment to slink into the basement or garage and complete a full workout. It’s hard work…not to mention lonely. So we set out to make indoor cycling more exciting.

VirtuGO has been designed to bring the elements of free-riding and training closer together. If you want to simply go for a spin, alone or with friends, we have many options for you. However if performance is your goal VirtuGO is a powerful training companion. You can import rides from the real world or export VirtuGO training sessions to a third-party storage provider. Plus you have access to a multitude of training sessions, training programs and nutrition advice – all World Tour-tested and guaranteed to make training indoors an engaging and exhilarating experience. We understand the science behind training and have developed a process that works well for all rider types. With a comprehensive library of targeted training sessions we invite you to train with us. Our approach is summarized in the VirtuGO Performance Pathway. The 4 key elements of this pathway are:

Training session library

The VirtuGO Training Session Library is divided into sections that represent the various rider types that we have worked with over the years. These are: Time Trialist, Climber, Criterium, Sprinter and All Rounder. By grouping our training sessions under these banners it makes it easy for you to choose the workout you want depending upon the type of riding enjoy the most. In our experience the most productive (and dare we say engaging) training sessions are those that have a specific purpose. In fact nearly all of the professional cyclists we know embark on the majority of their training rides with a specific goal in mind. This might be to improve endurance, strength, power or speed? So within VirtuGO you will find that nearly all of our training sessions target a specific competency related to the rider types described above.  Read more about our 5 phases and Training Session Library here 

Training programs

Our in-house knowledge is comprehensive and we have many of the worlds leading human performance researchers on speed dial. So the critical knowledge that underpins a Spring Classics build or Grand Tour preparation is now available to you. In the platform we will present you with a series of targeted Training Programs that are labeled, Sprinter, Climber, Time Trial, All Rounder, Criterium. As we are racing cyclists ourselves we wanted to use the imagery of these cycling disciplines as descriptors. Then once this decision was made we were presented with an opportunity to focus on the specific physiology of each discipline and assign the appropriate training sessions to each. A Sprinter will train differently than a Climber because the physiological demands of each discipline are so specific. So when you see these titles do not shy away thinking that this is all about racing. It is not.

Climber Program

Our Climber Programs are open to a wide audience. So long as you have a good base of general fitness you can step into the Climber Program and use this as the next part of your progression. In their own right, these programs will make you strong however they also lay a base of strength for you to try some of our other 4 week programs. For example, a good progression from Climber would be to move onto Time Trial.

Time Trial Program

The Intermediate or Advanced Time Trial Programs have been designed to raise your threshold. To derive maximum benefit from these programs you will be in good physical condition before starting this concentrated block of intensity work. Ideally, you would have already completed some general fitness and strength work (Climber Program). Specific speed (Sprint) training is an optional pre requisite.

All Rounder Program

Our All Rounder Programs are for the generalist. A generalist is someone who can sprint, climb and perhaps even time trial quite well. Although a rare breed the generalist has been endowed with a unique genetic makeup and as such is capable of absorbing work across a wide range of the power band. However, these programs are also great for anyone who wants a challenging mix of training provided you have already completed some Climber, Time Trialist or Sprint work.

Sprinter Program

Sprint Training is the final step in progressive cycling training program. To get the best benefit from our Sprint Programs you will be an Intermediate or Advanced level cyclist that has been training for some months in a relatively structured way. Your structure does not necessarily have to be as regimented as ours. Nevertheless, you have been deliberate in building a good base of fitness, strength and power and are now ready to go fast.

Criterium Program

These are race ready or Peaking Programs and as such are challenging. If you have been progressing at a steady pace through your own training program and would like to put some finishing touches on your top-end power and ability to handle ‘on’ and ‘off’ type efforts; then these programs are for you. Likewise, you might be constantly pushed for time and enjoy intense 1hr training sessions before or after work. Provided you are used to this kind of training our Criterium Programs contain a menu of progressive high-intensity training sessions.